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Spam Statistics

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Keeping track of how many messages are accepted, relayed on to domains for which we are the primary or secondary MX server, or which are blocked. Then specify for the blocked messages what the reason for blocking was. All that aside we also keep track of how many messages were determined to contain a virus, or were later detected or considered to be junk mail of some sort.

The stats show the past 3 weeks, and monthly summaries of the past 2 years, currently, but I’ve been tracking the data for longer than that. To be precise:

  • The whitelist/spam/block/etc stats go back to August 2003.
  • The virus stats begin in July 2004.
  • The Thunderbird Junk folder stats began in October 2005.
  • Starting February 20 2008 one of my mail relays at least is rejecting obvious spam messages based on SpamAssassin before they even get to my server, which caused a big change in the numbers. Many of those would’ve been rejected with No Such User anyway, but then his server would’ve been stuck with the bounces and that was getting to be a bit annoying.
Accepted Accepted messages Accepted messages
Relayed Relayed messages Relayed messages
Blocked (total) Blocked (total) messages Blocked (total) messages
Whitelist Blocked (by whitelist) messages Blocked (by whitelist) messages
No such user Blocked (no such user) messages Blocked (no such user) messages
No such domain Blocked (no such domain) messages Blocked (no such domain) messages
No relaying Blocked (relaying not allowed) messages Blocked (relaying not allowed) messages
Percentage Blocked Blocked (percentage wise) messages Blocked (percentage wise) messages

Virus Detected Blocked (virus detected) messages Blocked (virus detected) messages
Thunderbird Junk Junk messages Junk messages
Accepted Email arriving from the outside that was accepted.
Relayed Email arriving from the outside that was relayed to the primary MX.
Blocked Sum of all email delivery attempts that were rejected.
Whitelist Email delivery attempts that were rejected because the envelope sender did not match the whitelist data of the recipient.
No such user Email delivery attempts that were rejected because the user does not or no longer exists.
No such domain Email delivery attempts that were rejected because the domain of the envelope sender did not resolve.
No relaying Attempts at trying to use our server for relaying for domains other than the ones that it has been configured for.
Virus detected A virus had been detected and the message has been forwarded to a dedicated (safe) quarantine location.
Thunderbird Junk A combined count of email that Thunderbird’s adaptive junk filter caught plus some that were manually tossed into the Junk folder(s).

These graphics were created using the GD Graphics Library and the PHPlot PHP graph library that makes use of it.

The spam statistical data was last updated May 30 2017 05:10:01 GMT and is typically updated once a day, just after midnight local time.

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