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Fixing pages

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The Spam Statistics page works again and the data will be refreshed again on a nightly basis.

On a partially related note, using the Run Before Job directive in Bacula‘s Job resources is a very handy way of making a local copy with rsync, after which you get the usual incremental, differential and full backups of your data. Now using that to create backups of my data at DreamHost, which is where I’ve moved my webpages.



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I don’t have a paid account at LJ so I never bothered with it, but my friend Leah stepped in to help those LJers who are too lazy to go to keep track of a non-LJ site and created an LJ feed. 🙂



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Updated the following websites:

That concludes today’s maintenance a.k.a sanitization of my DNS & web-content.


New place, same face

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This is the first post from a new host and a new URL. The old URl with the port-number could not be migrated smoothly, so the decision to simplify life a bit was quickly made.

It’ll be a while before you, the reader, will actually see this posting, as DNS still points in the wrong direction. I hope to fix that within a day or so.



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How could I not have noticed? Anyway, the links to the archives from the calendar and the month-based overview that were pointing to /archives/date/ type locations now work; all that was needed was to generate a new .htaccess file.


WordPress 1.5.2

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Slightly overdue, I’ve upgraded the site from 1.5 to 1.5.2. The biggest trouble was that I would prefer to just apply a diff, and WordPress don’t provide that, they only provide a *.tar.gz or *.zip and I couldn’t find a tar-file of the 1.5.0 that I had installed with most recently, so I had to unpack the new one, diff with the current, then wade through the 600kB diff file, remove what appeared irrelevant, and then apply the resulting slightly smaller diff.

This should fix several bugs, add some security fixes, and a few improvements that only the site-admin can see, I think. So I hope it all works still (it looks ok to me so far) and if not, surely someone would find a way to alert me through a comment or through email. 🙂



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As promised last month I sat down to put together a custom version of the monthly archive overview and today I activated it, then struggled with CSS for a short while, and now it seems to work as intended.



New static pages

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I’ve converted a few more pages from my homepage into static pages on the blog. They are the Klasgenoten S.S.G. pages (3 in total), which is 100% Dutch content.

The two sub-pages contain embedded PHP, so I was glad I had that sorted out a while ago already for the spam statistics page. It worked pretty flawlessly, yay! The trickiest part was the third page which in its original form was a set of album pages, basically. For this I added a custom RewriteRule to the .htaccess file:

RewriteRule ^(the-projects/klasgenoten-ssg/klasgenoten-ssg-album)/offset/([0-9]+)/?$ /index.php?pagename=$1&album_offset=$2 [QSA,L]

The album_offset parameter I can then use in the embedded PHP of the page (as $_GET[“album_offset”]) and voila, browsable album pages once again.

Back to work, now.


The Links

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I’d placed the links in a static page some time ago but had not taken the time to polish it, yet. Now I have, a bit, and I’ve removed the collection of links from the sidebar on the right. With that space available I have restored the links to the categories and the archives, and I’ve moved the current-month calendar there.

Hopefully this improves this site. Ideally I’d change the archives to have a year-header and then links for each month underneath, but that’s not a standard option for WP and I can’t yet be bothered to write it myself. Perhaps I’ll find the inspiration for this when I reach September 2005. 😉



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Got to the computer this morning and found (after reloading the pages) a few unhappy WordPress pages, apparently caused by one of the (harddisk) partitions filling up a bit too far. This same partition filling up also caused email to be held back, but only on the firewall mailserver, nothing bounced as far as I know.

Sadly I have no idea how long this has been going on, but I guess between 4-12 hours somewhere.

Sorry if it inconvenienced anyone out there. 🙂

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