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Somehow, at some point, all of my is-here.com content disappeared. Dear Josh tried to point this out to me but he was too subtle (ahem) and I thought he was merely poking fun at the agregator I had put on the site (quite) a while ago. Nope…

Thankfully the WordPress DB was still there but the custom theme and various uploads and other mods (local plugins) are still gone. I’ll have to see if I can drag those out of a backup tonight. πŸ™

Update: Most (hopefully all) images restored.

Update: I guess DH purged the content because it got hacked? I don’t remember ever being notified about them doing such a thing, unfortunately, so either they never did, or it got lost in my spam folder. Found a rogue wp-content/plugins/SK2/sk2_plugins/doc.php and several other rogue files. The words this sucks massively don’t come even close to describing how it feels to see this now. I’ve configured the WP installs on DH to be upgraded automatically from now on and will try to figure out if this was a problem with SK2, WP, or something else.


Switching things around

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In the near future (such a conveniently flexible concept) the front page of this website will point to an instance of SweetCron while the blog will probably be moved to a subfolder. SweetCron describes itself as Lifestream software, which allows me to easily gather RSS and Atom feeds from elsewhere and present them in one place. For me that means feeds from the two idle blogs I maintain, my Delicious, and Twitter accounts, and whatever else that relates to me.

Where possible I’ll keep the URLs of the blog the same as they are, so that I won’t confuse news-clients and other aggregators elsewhere (like the LJ feed).

The purpose of this exercise, if there is any, is to reassure visitors that I haven’t abandoned this site and as I move from one service to another, I can easily switch the feeds around. Anyone subscribing to the combined feed would never miss a thing but I’m not suggesting that you should! πŸ™‚


Isn’t it ironic…

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Jagged Little Pill…don’t you think?

A week ago I contacted DreamHost support to ask them about the unusually high number of reboots (crashes) that the shared host I’m on, Bundy, had seen recently. Around 20 in April alone. In return they offered to move me to a different home and I accepted that offer.

The move went smoothly, aside from the two Jabber accounts that refused to let me connect. I gave it a few days to see if things would sort themselves out (it happens sometimes) but no such luck. So I contacted them again and after some back and forth it was sorted this weekend, so I was completely moved across to my new home.

Then on Sunday I see this item on their status website:

The server bundy has been having some hardware issues as of late and we’re going to move it over to new hardware. The process should take about 30 minutes. We will post an update here when the process is complete.

It’s a pity my crystal ball was out of order, or I could’ve saved myself and some support folks some trouble. πŸ™‚


Fade in, fade out (2)

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I couldn’t resist, of course, and changed the look of the sidebar tabs a bit and (suggested by Kalle) sped up the transition effect when clicking on a tab to expand it. After all, why wait?

Meanwhile, I’ve got a Custom Links Widget in the works to allow me to add several differently-titled sections in the sidebar for different categories, instead of the all-or-nothing approach of the default Links Widget. It’s quite possible someone already wrote this, but it’s an interesting exercise. Hopefully I won’t have to change my code too much (for this one or for the previously written Custom Pages Widget) for the brand new WordPress 2.1 version!


Fade in, fade out

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I’ve changed the sidebar to use a so-called accordion effect where you click on the header of a section to unfold it and fold away the previously visible section. This should allow me to put content there without cluttering up the page, visually, and will inspire me to put the links back on the front page that I’d relegated to the links page in the static content.

I’ve tested that it works with Firefox ( and Safari (2.0.4), but let me know if it misbehaves with your particular browser choice.

That said, what do you think of this technique? Good or bad, helpful or annoying?


Threading and subscribing

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Hmm, finally got a Round Tuit β„’ and reinstalled the two relevant plugins. Will be using this post for some testing, feel free to participate. πŸ™‚


Shoot in foot

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Running a website/server with mod_security turned on is all fine and dandy, but in the end it doesn’t seem to be much more than a few hardcoded pattern-checks, like fopen. (I realize that it’s really more than that, but that’s the part I tripped over.) And as it happens, I use fopen() in one of the static pages, to read a file (with statistics) that is updated regularly. Not a problem, as long as I don’t try to edit the page. Hrm.

Ok, so while I’m working on these pages (finally getting around to fixing some problems that I ran into after the upgrade to WP 2.0), that check is turned off, and when I hope I’m done, I’ll turn it back on.

Sheesh. πŸ™‚


!&$*#! comments (3)

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Just a point of reference.Β  It’s been a little over 3 months and Spam Karma has blocked just over 2000 spam comment and backtrack attempts… That’s over 20 per day on average.Β  Enough to kill an hour or so per week if I had to manually monitor, delete them, and pick out the valid ones!


Hello 2.0(.3)

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And hello Default Theme!

I made one minor tweak in how I name and display the static pages and that’s it for now. The Spam Karma and Acronym plugins have been reinstalled (of course) and one or two others that are only used internally. The rest will follow later, as will things like a theme that’s more to my liking. No offense to the creator of the default theme, but it’s not what I had in mind for my homepage/blog. πŸ™‚

Update: Fixed the year/month archive layout in the sidebar. Got the babbelstats and spam statistics to work again.

Update 2: Added Gravatars back in.


  • Add nested comments back in.
  • Find a suitable theme to hack.
  • Fix the klasgenoten-ssg pages.
  • Make sure the .htaccess file contains all the backward compatible redirects that I had for 1.5
  • Get used to the 2.0 post editor, or switch back to raw editing like I did for nl.is-here.com
  • Check what other plugsin I might be missing still.



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I’ll be upgrading this blog from WordPress 1.5.x to WordPress 2.0.x at some point in the next few days (I’d love to give a more accurate indication but as personal projects go, it’s not very easy to predict when I’ll get A Round Tuit β„’). This may mean that, aside for Spam Karma, which I already know to work with 2.0.x, not all features will work correctly and I’ll probably go back to one of the default themes instead of this homebrew hodgepodge.

In other words: Be prepared to have this place look like a mess or even break completely occasionally!

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