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Friday entertainment

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Mr. & Mrs. SmithWe got to see Mr & Mrs. Smith tonight and if anything, it was a good 2 hours of entertainment and distraction from the blah of the world. I didn’t need to try too much to keep the suspension of disbelief going, which is always a plus. There was action, laughter and some plot twists. 🙂



Ocean’s Twelve

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Not that I expect anyone to read this who hasn’t already seen the movie or decided to not ever see the movie, but M and I saw it yesterday and while the storyline was a bit on the thin side, it was amusing to see some familiar Amsterdam locations and Dutch and British actors, so as long as you stay in suspsense of disbelief mode it’s fairly entertaining.


Deja vu

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Here I am, playing against Joe Random Opponent at one of the Go servers when, after some chatting back and forth he asks if I’ve heard about this new German movie, called Der Untergang. Not exactly your average Friday/Saturday evening entertainment material, eh? He agrees, but he wouldn’t mind if certain countrymen with shaved heads would go see it. Agreed, because it would be so nice if for once the world would learn from history. For once.

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