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Amazon just let me know they’re getting an early start with their Black Friday sales. Thought I’d let you know. 😉


Yesterday’s entertainment

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Little Miss SunshineRetrospectacle: The Supertramp AnthologyThe Best of Talking HeadsViolent Femmes
Bought 3 CDs (Violent Femmes, Talking Heads, and Supertramp) and watched a DVD (Little Miss Sunshine).

The movie was completely unplanned and a pleasant surprise, showing Steve Carell in (I think) an atypical role. Importing the CDs into iTunes caused some frustration because the CD drive in the MacBook Pro consistently spit out the Talking Heads CD, but thankfully the drive in the Mac Minis are more tolerant (if that’s what is going on here). I noticed that of the 3 CDs only the Violent Femmes one has the “Compact Disc Digital Audio” logo on it, but don’t know if I can draw any conclusions from that.

How was your day?


DRM (is) for Dummies?

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Three items recently caught my attention that I seemed worth sharing here:

  • At Boing Boing (which I’ve sadly removed from my list of newsfeeds a while ago, I couldn’t quite keep up) Cory Doctorow rants quite extensively about Amazon Unbox. I don’t think there’s a single point on which I disagree with him.
  • Via Tweakers, a Dutch site, I learned about Medialoper’s article regarding Zune and its wireless capabilities. It is planned to have support for wireless music sharing, but now it looks like in an attempt to prevent abuse, it’ll wrap any music shared that way in a special layer of chocoDRM to limit the recipient’s use, regardless of whether the track at hand is in need of such protection.
  • As discussed in Ars Technica, the recently developed DRM circumvention for iTunes has already been adapted to the new version (7.0). If I understand correctly how it works, this is not particularly shocking: It debugs the iTunes application, and at strategically placed break-points grabs blocks of unencrypted AAC audio straight from memory. Given that, the two biggest problems with adapting to 7.0 were that Apple apparently used a different compiler for this one, and of course the locations of the break-points will be in (sometimes not so) slightly different places. Since this approach completely ignores the communication with the iTunes Music Store — unlike JHymn which has been unable to circumvent the DRM since the release of 6.0 — Apple will have a much harder time thwarting this one.


Snakes on a plane

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This tune has been stuck in my head since Friday evening when we watched the credits after the movie, so it seems only reasonable that I would share that joy with you:



An Inconvenient Showtime

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[IMDB Showtimes Map - 2006-06-03]
You know, I quite agree that people should go and watch Al Gore’s An Inconvenient Truth, but unless it’s going to be shown somewhere somewhat closer… I’ll have to wait for the DVD or so.

According to the movie’s own listing the closest it’s going to get anytime soon is in Lawrence (in July), Wichita or Olathe in Kansas, and Springfield or Kansas City in Missouri, all of which are at least a 2-3 hours drive from here, a bit much for going to see a movie, no?

Small world

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I’m watching Blind Fury (1989), a movie that I quite enjoy and know mostly because it has Rutger Hauer in it, a Dutch actor.

Then the character Frank Devereaux comes into the picture and I burst out laughing… hey, I know him, except 16 years older!


Had dinner yet?

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Jaws, like you’ve never seen it before. 🙂


Friday entertainment (4)

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Better late than not at all?

Firefly - The Complete SeriesLast Friday we saw Serenity in the theatre, the movie based on the Firefly TV-series.

It probably helped that we’ve watched and enjoyed the series, but given that, the movie was entertaining from start to finish!

Beforehand I had been wondering if Ron Glass was going to make an appearance, because I’d seen a cast picture at GenCon without him in it, but thankfully he was there along with everybody else (yes, I probably could’ve found that out online but…).

Thanks to MythTV we got to see two more episodes from the TV-series after we came home, so it was an entirely Serenity/Firefly oriented evening. No points for guessing that we’ll buy this one on DVD once it comes out! 😉


Friday entertainment (3)

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For our not-so-regular escape out of this world we went to see The 40 Year Old Virgin this evening, with Steve Carrell. Good entertainment with perhaps a few hmm, okay kind of moments and a highly amusing (to us anyway) ending.

Afterwards we rented High Fidelity with John Cusack and a few other familiar faces. A completely different style but with good acting that kept our attention from to beginning to the end.

I hope your Friday was as enjoyable as ours. 🙂


Friday entertainment (2)

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Bewitched Our entertainment last night was in the form of the movie spin of Bewitched. While we were entertained, certainly, the end seemed a bit of an anti-climax and the storyline a bit thin. The cast was certainly not lacking with various big names in it, but that didn’t change it. Perhaps the director should’ve taken a page from the actual story and give more screen-time to Isabel and how she adapts to the real world?

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