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Linkage on 2006-11-23

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After decades of opposition, Vatican view on condoms begins to shift
A small step forward, but at least it’s a step.
(tags: health religion)

Urban Legends Reference Pages: 2006 Federal Excise Tax Credit
A true urban legend, for a change, and a useful one at that. 🙂
(tags: internet tax)


Linkage on 2006-11-21

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Six imams ejected from US flight
How would these same alarmist passengers react if they were kicked off the plane for saying some Christian prayer?
(tags: america security)

Robert Altman, American maverick, dies aged 81
Thank you for creating M*A*S*H.
(tags: obituary)


Linkage on 2006-11-19

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Is this an f-word too far?
Sounds interesting, but probably not interesting enough to actually watch it.
(tags: english language america)


Linkage on 2006-11-18

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A wide variety of small form factor PCs, built for anything from multimedia device to router, or whatever else you can think of.
(tags: hardware)

Various mini-PCs, for occasions where a regular sized case is overkill.
(tags: hardware)


Linkage on 2006-11-14

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US pagans fight grave symbol ban
To quote: Some 36 other religious symbols, including the Jewish star of David and the Buddhist wheel, are allowed.
(tags: america religion)

US police replace codes with plain English. 10-4?
Roger that.
(tags: humour america)


Linkage on 2006-11-08

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Genlias – Search Genlias database
Holy smoke, I didn’t know they had this online! I already found data to fill in blanks in my family tree, I bet I’ll sink some more time into that site, in the near future.
(tags: netherlands history genealogy)


Linkage on 2006-11-07

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Set headphone volume level on Intel Macs
Useful suggestion!
(tags: intel apple osx music)


Linkage on 2006-11-03

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US stops audit of Iraq rebuilding
Nah, this isn’t a coincidence! Nothing to see here, please move along people. *cough*
(tags: bush politics news)

The mysterious case of the crumbling euro
I’m glad that what money I have in Euros is virtual. 😉
(tags: news)


Linkage on 2006-10-21

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Boy Scouts get MPAA-approved copyright merit badge
What the hell?
(tags: copyright fair-use)


Linkage on 2006-10-18

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ThermoInDock 0.98 – VersionTracker:
Glance at all 12 thermal sensors in my MacBook Pro in one go. Still don’t know which sensor is where, though!
(tags: osx apple hardware laptop)

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