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Haven’t done one of these manually in a while.

  • Cool (relatively long) article in the Washington Post that can be interpreted in many ways. My take on it is that people are too busy, living to work instead of working to live. Sad, but true.
  • On CNN, a story about a woman selling nearly everything she owns on eBay.
  • Interesting software project sponsored by Google.
  • The 21 Biggest Technology Flops according to ComputerWorld.


Linkage on 2007-03-22

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How Smart Are Your Playlists?
Some interesting suggestions.
(tags: apple music software)


Linkage on 2007-01-19

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Why Joost Is Good for TV
Very interesting read about this project. Think of it as TiVo mixed with your collection of VHS tapes and DVDs, on speed.
(tags: technology software internet video television)


Linkage on 2007-01-09

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Priceless. 🙂
(tags: humour photo cars)


Linkage on 2006-12-15

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Nintendo recalls 3.2 million Wii straps
Ah, there we go.
(tags: hardware technology video game console humour)

Wii Have A Problem…
What more can I say? Of the new batch of consoles the Wii sounds the most interesting to me, but that wrist strap needs to be dealt with.
(tags: hardware technology video game console humour)


Linkage on 2006-12-05

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‘Bad fats’ ban in NYC restaurants
Cool. With a target audience of between 8 to 18 million or so (city versus metropolitan area, and not counting tourists), I imagine we’ll be seeing some effects outside of NYC in the longer run, as well.
(tags: obesity healthy america)

Teen shot dead by police over stolen PS3
Hello, it’s just a game console, people! Damn hyped up piece of hardware.
(tags: hardware game console)


Linkage on 2006-12-04

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Handy site to find out who may have been trying to call you to sell you (on) something.
(tags: telephone privacy)

Controversial U.N. ambassador to step down
Don’t let the door hit you on the way out, Mr Bolton
(tags: america politics bush)


Linkage on 2006-11-30

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ScienceDaily: Aching Back? Sitting Up Straight Could Be The Culprit
For the desk-jockeys out there.
(tags: health medical research)


Linkage on 2006-11-29

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Enigmatic relic was an eclipse calculator
High tech, man.
(tags: technology history)


Linkage on 2006-11-27

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256GB paper storage claims simply don’t add up

(tags: hardware storage technology)

Data Can Now Be Stored on Paper
What happens if the colours fade? 😉 But really, if it works, great!
(tags: hardware storage technology)

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