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Linkage on 2007-10-11/12

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A little bit of everything.

Amp’d Mobile’s Sordid Remains:

As Hamilton was cleaning out the desks and filing cabinets, he came across some of those excesses in the form of marketing schwag—like condoms stamped with the unfortunate tagline, “Try not to die.” Little did the Amp’d marketing genius who came up with that line know that the expiration dates on the condoms would outlast the company.

Windows Update Brings Down Newscast:

A Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania television station was forced to broadcast its noon newscast from its parking lot on Wednesday because this month’s Windows update wasn’t installed in time. The “major meltdown” occurred during a ribbon-cutting ceremony to celebrate Channel 11’s new facility, attended by executives from Cox Broadcasting, the station’s parent company.

China joins UN censure of Burmese regime:

China turned against the Burmese government last night and supported a UN security council statement rebuking the military regime for its suppression of peaceful protests, and demanding the release of all political prisoners.


5 seconds (if that) of fame

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Yesterday morning I came across an article in The Register about Apple preparing some sort of webapp portal for the iPhone and iPod Touch. Since this seemed relevant, I passed that on to the iPhoneWebDev group, to which I’ve been subscribed almost as long as I’ve had an iPhone. Within minutes Erica Sadun, also on the list, followed up, and I thought that that was the end of it.

Then in the evening I got an email, out of the blue, from a former colleague (we worked at the same company about 8 years ago), saying he had come across my name in a TUAW article, where Erica mentioned the rumour and thanked me for passing it on. 🙂

Oh, and that portal is actually live now, by the way.


Linkage on 2007-10-10

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Happy birthday Pär! I promise to catch up with you in about 2 months, as usual. 😉

Case of vodka used to treat poisoned tourist:

Australian doctors used a case of vodka to treat an Italian tourist who poisoned himself with a highly toxic substance found in anti-freeze.

The man was unconscious on arrival at Mackay Base Hospital in Queensland and doctors immediately started treating him with pharmaceutical-grade alcohol, which works as an antidote to the poison.

But the hospital’s alcohol supplies were soon exhausted and staff were forced to buy a case of vodka, which they administered through a drip in his nose.

I Love Mars, and I Vote:

Carberry is the political director of the Mars Society, a nonprofit group that pushes relentlessly for human exploration and settlement of the red planet. He’s the point man for Operation President 2008, in which Mars Society members lie in wait for presidential candidates at campaign stops in the early primary states, then leap out to pop the question: As president, would you send a man to Mars?

Kwik-Fit sued over staff radios:

A car repair firm has been taken to court accused of infringing musical copyright because its employees listen to radios at work.

Linkage on 2007-10-09

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His silence mistaken, deaf man attacked:

The cashier tried to speak to him but got angry when Goodnight didn’t respond, Goodnight told police. The cashier threw Goodnight’s change at him, scattering it on the floor.

As Goodnight picked it up, the cashier hit him in the side of the head with the crowbar, Goodnight said.

The Inflation Calculator may seem useful but mostly to fuel bogus arguments, I think. After all, your $200 CD player from 1990 didn’t cost $313 in 2006, did it?

Duty Cycle Calculator is a slightly different calculator, one that makes it easier to estimate how much it costs you to leave the television on, leave light bulbs on over night.


Note to self

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When your computer tells you that the CMOS checksum was incorrect and it’s reset to defaults, it may be a good idea to go in and at least set the time and date to something vaguely correct, to avoid having the filesystem checks kick in twice: First when it’s confused about going back in time a few years, and again after you’ve corrected the time and it goes forward in time a few years, both times saying “Well, it’s been too long since the last time, I better check”, even though of course the system was rebooted without crashes or anything.

Gah. And with that 1TB that I have here now, it takes a while! 🙂

Quote of the Day

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I can’t believe I’m driving through VA texting a guy in KS to go online and ask a guy in GA about my sleeping arrangements. My life is so not normal.

Attribution left out to protect the innocent. 🙂


Pet Peeves of the Day

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Using compliment when you mean complement! These are not interchangeable words, people.

When you have a 7-port USB hub you do not get seven more outlets than you did before. After all you will need to take up one previously available outlet to hook up the hub!



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This is so completely weird… or ironic, depending on how you look at it.

I have a long-standing habit of using <keyword>@spam.is-here.com type addresses for individual websites, so that if for whatever reason the website turns out to be spam more than I like and shows no sign of honouring requests to stop, I can simply deactivate the individual address and move along.

In the past I’ve had the pleasure of deactivating email used for chumdinger, orbitz, brainbench, etc.

Yesterday I noticed that among the spam were messages regarding premium watches, Canadian pharmacies, OEM software, enhancing drugs, casinos, weight loss to the scholastic@spam.is-here.com address. Say what?

Sure, they can be a pain to deal with because they try to get you to opt in to more than you bargained for, but… did they sell their list of former customers to someone without doing a good background check? Did someone break into their system and steal a list? What? Or are they really such hypocrites that on the one hand they sell books and other educational resources for children, and on the other hand they spam their (former) customers with drugs, illegal software, etc?


Uh oh

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Bejeweled for the iPhone, need I say more?


You know you’ve been

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… using the iPhone a lot lately when you do the two-finger scrolling on your Apple laptop of sorts in the wrong direction. 🙂

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