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Switching things around

Filed under: Site,Software — Erwin @ 12:39 am

In the near future (such a conveniently flexible concept) the front page of this website will point to an instance of SweetCron while the blog will probably be moved to a subfolder. SweetCron describes itself as Lifestream software, which allows me to easily gather RSS and Atom feeds from elsewhere and present them in one place. For me that means feeds from the two idle blogs I maintain, my Delicious, and Twitter accounts, and whatever else that relates to me.

Where possible I’ll keep the URLs of the blog the same as they are, so that I won’t confuse news-clients and other aggregators elsewhere (like the LJ feed).

The purpose of this exercise, if there is any, is to reassure visitors that I haven’t abandoned this site and as I move from one service to another, I can easily switch the feeds around. Anyone subscribing to the combined feed would never miss a thing but I’m not suggesting that you should! 🙂

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