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What’s that say?

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This Zits episode sounds far too familiar… The kids’ handwriting is bad enough that we occasionally wonder how the teachers can read their handed in homework at all, but nothing seems to be done about it.

A few articles that confirm that this is not limited to the local school district:

Having brought this up with the teachers once or twice, the general feeling is that yes, we’d like it to be better as well but there simply isn’t enough time in a day.

Aside from braving the glares and asking our boys to rewrite parts of their finished homework or things that were written in their planners, what can you do? I really don’t want to bring school-like activities into their spare time but I do wonder how this is going to affect them with their school and careers in the long run.


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  1. I had the notoriously worst hand writing on the planet as a kid.

    … I guess I still have a pretty damn lousy hand writing. I simply don’t use pen and paper enough to keep the muscles in question up to par. The big question is whether hand writing will even be a requirement in the not so distant future. Even if not, I guess it’s vital to be able to communicate using other means than electronic devices, but still.

    Comment by Kalle Alm — 2009/2/16 @ 2:44 pm

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