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Doh moment of the day

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I’ve known the song “Going Down To Liverpool” by the Bangles for a long time. Probably over two decades, given that the single was taken from their debut album in 1984.

Now, with them being from the USA, California to be precise, there were two things that never made sense to me:

  1. The reference to Liverpool.
  2. The reference to UB40.

The former I could somewhat accept given the tendency in the USA to name places after ones elsewhere, like Amsterdam, Athens, Rome, etc, so surely there are places called Liverpool out there, right? The latter is very much a UK reference though. Just like the group called UB40 it refers to the Unemployment Benefit form 40. What the hell were these girls from California doing singing about that?!

However I just ignored that until finally, after all these years, I decide to do some (minor, in retrospect) digging and find out today that the answer is very simple: The song is a cover of one originally written by the (UK) Katrina and the Waves!

It’s all so clear to me now. 🙂

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