East of the Sun, West of the Moon



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2A0661C0-19F4-41D2-8109-4C7A3C47D3A5.jpgThat was so completely worth it. After nearly two years of putting up with an overly warm/hot laptop even after using the Fan Control software that lets the fans kick in faster/earlier than Apple would do by default, I gave in and bought what Belkin calls a CushTop.

During the cooler months when I wear jeans it’s less of a problem but during the warmer summer months when it makes sense to wander around the house in shorts made of thinner fabric, skin would often feel like it was sunburned. No longer!


Has it really been that long? (continued)

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And now we’re back. Unpacked. And resting. 😉 More later, or at least that’s my intention.

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