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I received the Leopard DVD on Friday, shortly after noon, and almost immediately put it to work. Twenty minutes DVD-verification and 45 minutes of actual upgrade time later I’m running OS X 10.5.

Here are my notes such as they are:

  • The default netatalk package in Debian/Etch does not cooperate with Leopard. You can either compile it yourself, if you can figure out how to do that, or fetch it from debian.jones.dk (which appears to be unreachable right now). The actual package lives at /dists/stable/misc/binary-i386/hykrion/netatalk/netatalk_2.0.3-5.0.0jones2_i386.deb. The reason is that Leopard no longer puts up with clear-text passwords and the default package in Debian/Etch doesn’t include uams_dhx.so that implements Diffie-Hellman eXchange, which Leopard will accept.
  • After I carelessly upgraded to Tunnelblick 3.0b5 (I was using 3.0b4) I found that something in 3.0b5 doesn’t play nicely with Leopard, causing it to not set up a default route after creating the OpenVPN tunnel, so I’ve downgraded for now. Maybe later.
  • I am happy to be using Spaces and have already made a list of applications that by default open in specific virtual desktops. Occasionally switching between applications seems to interact a bit quirky with Spaces, but I can’t quite put my finger on it.
  • Thankfully all of my regular applications (Adium, iTerm, Firefox, Thunderbird, Moneydance, MiniBatteryLogger) seem to behave well after the upgrade.
  • I must not have been using cronjobs when I upgraded to Tiger, because I don’t remember that upgrade nuking any crontabs, but I hear that that’s standard procedure. So if you have any, make sure you keep a copy somewhere and restore them again afterwards.
  • I like what I’ve seen of the Time Limits feature in the Parental Controls. It takes fast user switching into account and pauses the countdown when the time limited account is not actually the one in focus so to speak. When you’ve reached your daily limit it still lets you log in but almost instantly kicks you back to the login prompt. When you try to log in outside of the allow time frames it simply doesn’t let you. When you’re logged into an account with a time limit it warns you 15 minutes in advance and shows a countdown. At 1 minute before you run out of time it also gives you an audio warning. All in all, not bad and I’m looking forward to putting it to good use on the family Mac Mini.
  • The Fan Control setup was removed in the upgrade process but a new version was released that is Leopard ready.
  • The Time Machine doesn’t seem interested in my network mounts and I’m pretty sure that in earlier builds that did work. I guess I’ll continue my rsync + Bacula based backup setup for the Macs for now, then.
  • I like the new iPhoto based screensaver, although now I’m tempted to set one up similarly with a network mount that includes all the photos in was-there.com. Something to try another day.

So far I’m happy with the improvements and there are a few things I haven’t even tried yet (the new iChat for instance, although I know in advance I’d never fully switch to it). I briefly glanced at Photo Booth but the backdrop tricks seem to expect a certain kind of background that I don’t have, so the results are less than perfect.

More testing fun tomorrow!

Update: Instead of a non-mainstream netatalk package it’s also possible to re-enable the cleartext passwords with this magical command line incantation:

    defaults write -g com.apple.AppleShareClientCore -dict-add afp_cleartext_allow -bool true

Update: There is a newer version of Tunnelblick, 3.0b6, which appears to work better with Leopard.

Update: Another magical command line that I applied pretty quickly, which turns the 3D dock back into a 2D one:

    defaults write com.apple.dock no-glass -boolean YES

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