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Printer fun

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Our Epson Stylus CX5400 (bought almost 3 years ago, it’s been discontinued now, of course) all-in-one printer stopped working when 2-3 weeks ago A wanted to use it for something and even putting new cartridges in place (although the old ones weren’t fully depleted yet) didn’t do any good.

What to do, given that I know little to nothing about printer internals. Pondering this a bit and doing some research, I run across a website called fixyourownprinter.com which sells self-help packages. The appropriate package for our printer is $9.99 (excluding tax or shipping) so we take our chances and order one. If it works, we’ll have a working printer for the price of this, some wasted ink and paper and an hour of our time and if it doesn’t… sending it in for maintenance (if that’s even an option) is surely going to be more costly than just buying a new one, so not much to lose!

Last week the cleaning solution, syringe and a small bit of tube arrive and yesterday M and I sat down to figure this out.

As described on this page (referred to by the instructions that came with the cleaning solution) the ink purge tube had become disconnected. We had to wing it a little because didn’t have forcepts available, although in retrospect we had needle nose pliers somewhere but didn’t think of those. While doing this the spring underneath the cap assembly that keeps it in place came off so we also had to partially take out the cap assembly itself to reattach it underneath and then reattach all of that to the rest of the printer. Fun! This is where some dental floss came in handy! 😉

From there on it was smooth sailing. I applied the cleaning solution with the syringe, we left it sitting for a few hours and then ran the head cleaning routine a few times before running a printer test. It’s nearly back to regular quality so I’ll likely apply some more cleaning solution and then run the head cleaning routine a few more times, but 95% working is a whole lot more than 0% working, right?

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