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Too True

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Thank you, Grand Avenue!

Identity Theft

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Actually, I’m dealing with the opposite here. Someone has mistakenly used the email address that I have with my ISP (that would be the one that I don’t use except to check it regularly to see if anything other than the usual batch of spam was there, like important messages or anything from the ISP itself) to sign up for websites aimed at future college students.

The most recent one was more than just an email-newsletter subscription, it was an account with all sorts of personal information like the person’s name and address, phone number, current high school, etc. I’d like to warn this person (or the parents) that making mistakes like this is going to cause them trouble one fine day, but how do I do that? Calling them up and saying “Hi, I’m a complete stranger that lives in a different state, but I know your child’s name and birth date and what school s/he attends” wouldn’t exactly inspire confidence, I imagine, and they don’t exactly live next door (the fun of cable companies that provide their service in many different states).

Suggestions would be appreciated. 🙂

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