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Linkage on 2007-10-10

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Happy birthday Pär! I promise to catch up with you in about 2 months, as usual. 😉

Case of vodka used to treat poisoned tourist:

Australian doctors used a case of vodka to treat an Italian tourist who poisoned himself with a highly toxic substance found in anti-freeze.

The man was unconscious on arrival at Mackay Base Hospital in Queensland and doctors immediately started treating him with pharmaceutical-grade alcohol, which works as an antidote to the poison.

But the hospital’s alcohol supplies were soon exhausted and staff were forced to buy a case of vodka, which they administered through a drip in his nose.

I Love Mars, and I Vote:

Carberry is the political director of the Mars Society, a nonprofit group that pushes relentlessly for human exploration and settlement of the red planet. He’s the point man for Operation President 2008, in which Mars Society members lie in wait for presidential candidates at campaign stops in the early primary states, then leap out to pop the question: As president, would you send a man to Mars?

Kwik-Fit sued over staff radios:

A car repair firm has been taken to court accused of infringing musical copyright because its employees listen to radios at work.

I suppose it was time

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I’ve had an unpleasant week of unpredictable behaviour from my MacBook Pro where it would simply power off while the battery still looks like it should have enough charge (typically over 10% and under 40%), several attempts to fully and utterly drain and then recharge the battery, resetting the SMC (System Management Controller) data to make sure there is no anomalous data there. This forced me to draw the conclusion that after 476+ cycles it may not be entirely unexpected that the battery is due for a replacement!

The MBP has been here since July last year, so nearly 15 months now. If you’ll do the math with me you’ll see that I’ve had the battery go through at least one cycle per day, on average. To have the next one last a bit longer I’ll have to try and keep it on the adapter, I guess. I was already trying to do the drain it fully, once a month thing, but will also try to do that more consistently.

Any other suggestions?

Linkage on 2007-10-09

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His silence mistaken, deaf man attacked:

The cashier tried to speak to him but got angry when Goodnight didn’t respond, Goodnight told police. The cashier threw Goodnight’s change at him, scattering it on the floor.

As Goodnight picked it up, the cashier hit him in the side of the head with the crowbar, Goodnight said.

The Inflation Calculator may seem useful but mostly to fuel bogus arguments, I think. After all, your $200 CD player from 1990 didn’t cost $313 in 2006, did it?

Duty Cycle Calculator is a slightly different calculator, one that makes it easier to estimate how much it costs you to leave the television on, leave light bulbs on over night.

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