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Resellers are people too

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Last week I had the dubious pleasure of realizing that Amazon‘s shipping charges suck when you want to order more than a few items from the same reseller because they absolutely do not bother to take into account that the items can and most likely will go into a single box. Makes me wonder how many resellers earn a large chunk of their profit from that fact, when customers buy 2 or more items, Amazon pays them as if the items will be shipping in separate boxes, and in practice the cost is about as much as it would be for just one item.

Thankfully the resellers — or at least the two I dealt with — were responsive to my request to cut me a deal. In the first case I was ordering 20 small individual items, cost of the items being just over $50 and Amazon charging me nearly $100 for shipping those. After contacting the reseller and emailing back and forth a bit, he offered (and I agreed to) a refund of around $70, which made the deal a lot more acceptable. Thank you Hot_Wires! The second also responded positive, but then it turned out that the reseller didn’t have the needed number of items so I’m still waiting to try a substitute item and then decide on what to do.

The lesson is, I guess, twofold:

  • Pay attention to what your online store is about to charge you.
  • It never hurts to ask for a discount.

Happy Monday!

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