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About 17-18 years ago (during my first year at university, 1989-1990) I bought a PC with a 12MHz (I think) 80286 processor, 1MB of RAM, and 40MB of HD. As of a few days ago I have this in one of the headless servers in our basement:

$ df -h /dev/md[0-9]
Filesystem            Size  Used Avail Use% Mounted on
/dev/md3              9.4G  2.9G  6.1G  33% /
/dev/md2               99M   35M   60M  37% /boot
/dev/md4              965M   18M  899M   2% /tmp
/dev/md5              176G  158G  9.0G  95% /var
/dev/md0              276G  226G   51G  82% /mnt/media
/dev/md1              459G  267G  169G  62% /mnt/backup

People that have worked with Linux before will recognize the /dev/md* devices which are typically used for RAID setups. In this case they’re all RAID1 (mirrored) setups, with two 200GB, two 300GB and two 500GB disks underneath this, so 1TB of redundant storage.

That’ll keep us going for a while, I think.

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