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This is so completely weird… or ironic, depending on how you look at it.

I have a long-standing habit of using <keyword>@spam.is-here.com type addresses for individual websites, so that if for whatever reason the website turns out to be spam more than I like and shows no sign of honouring requests to stop, I can simply deactivate the individual address and move along.

In the past I’ve had the pleasure of deactivating email used for chumdinger, orbitz, brainbench, etc.

Yesterday I noticed that among the spam were messages regarding premium watches, Canadian pharmacies, OEM software, enhancing drugs, casinos, weight loss to the scholastic@spam.is-here.com address. Say what?

Sure, they can be a pain to deal with because they try to get you to opt in to more than you bargained for, but… did they sell their list of former customers to someone without doing a good background check? Did someone break into their system and steal a list? What? Or are they really such hypocrites that on the one hand they sell books and other educational resources for children, and on the other hand they spam their (former) customers with drugs, illegal software, etc?

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