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iPhone notes (3)

Filed under: OS X,Software,Technology — Erwin @ 11:42 pm

As far as I can tell I can only send text messages (SMS) to one contact at a time. I see no way to send to groups, nor do I see any way to add more contacts after the first one.

What the heck does the little “auto” icon mean, the one in the Google Maps application?

In the Recents section of the Phone menu, I can only clear all calls, not individual entries. Thankfully I don’t think this device is going to run out of space anytime soon, but what’s wrong with cleaning your caller-id history, so to speak, and only keeping the ones that you care about?


  1. The little auto icon show traffic jams. Of course, it only works in bigger cities, but it is incredibly useful in the Bay Area. I’ll see that one highway is crowded and take an alternative route. I believe the technology is based on those fasttrak transceivers that cars use to use the fast lane at the toll booths across the bridges. But they’ve installed passive receivers that monitor cars as they pass by, and give an average speed between two points. This also has lead to signs on the highways that are fairly accurate like ’20 minutes to airport’ because they already know that a car past this point 20 minutes ago and it is at the airport now.

    Comment by Christopher Allen — 2007/7/10 @ 7:22 am

  2. Ah, nifty. Thanks! It feels like the iPhone interface was fairly under-documented, with Apple expecting that everything would be so obvious that there wouldn’t be any questions.

    Comment by Erwin — 2007/7/10 @ 3:00 pm

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