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iPhone notes (2)

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You know what would be cool? If the iPhone would be able to connect with an Airport Express! 😉

It looks like EDGE is behaving a bit better again today, I could even almost browse web pages over it, but then switched back to wi-fi for actual bandwidth and speed. I tried YouTube briefly on there but couldn’t get Search or Features to work on either wi-fi or EDGE, it keeps telling me “YouTube not available”. Ditto for Most Recent and Top Rated in the “More” section. Annoying.

I like how SMS looks like iChat, which also makes me think that IM support may be added at some point. As far as I can tell you can only clear entire conversations, not any individual messages from those conversations. Still waiting for my number to be fully moved over to AT&T so at the moment I can SMS from the iPhone and AT&T customers can SMS me back on there, but anyone trying to call my number will end up on my old cellphone still. Patience… I know.

Configured two GMail accounts to see how that would work. Note to others: It helps tremendously if you first go into GMail and configure your account such that POP3 is allowed! 😉 It looks like email is the only way off of the iPhone for pictures taken with the thing itself, as opposed to pictures synced onto it with iTunes? Am I missing something here?

Update: iPhoto kindly treats the iPhone like any other camera from which you can import photos. What’s more, emailing the photos only gets you reduced size copies (640×480) instead of the original size (1600×1200) that you get using iPhoto!

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