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iPhone notes

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The iTunes sync declined to sync a track, telling me that the iPhone can’t play it. The track it declined is a 128 kbps MPEG2 track, which you would expect an MPEG3 capable device to be able to play. I have no iPod so I can’t compare notes with that. Can anyone who owns one tell me if the iPod has the same behaviour?

Update: Kalle confirmed that the iPod refuses to play this same track as well and wonders why iTunes doesn’t offer to transcode the track (similar to how it’ll convert photos for you that it syncs to the iPhone) since it can play it.

Mad iPhone

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… or was that iPhone madness?

Either way, thanks to Christopher I now am the proud and still somewhat baffled owner of one of those gadgets. The activation itself was as smooth as you would hope, but the number transfer is going to take a while longer still, it appears. For added fun M and I then visited the local Cingular, or rather “new-AT&ampT how can I help you” store which amusingly enough didn’t have any of them on sale itself. Apparently they were a bit difficult to get a hold of, for this poor mid-west city? On the other hand the nearest (bigger) city did have some. The reason for the visit was to get M a new phone, transfer the newly created account into one with a family-plan, and add her on there, since having one phone with AllTel and one with AT&T makes very little sense.

The EDGE problems today were definitely noticeable. Combined with an apparently weaker wifi receiver than the MBP right next to it, they caused the iPhone to have almost no network connectivity. This was at the in-laws, while at home the wifi receiver is much more willing to hop onto the home wifi network. Time will tell how typical this is.

I like the custom Google map/route setup, which will hopefully be useful in the upcoming road trip (in a week and a half). Same with the weather widget, I guess.

Is it normal that the YouTube item doesn’t work yet? This may be a firewall issue, which is pretty strict here at home.

More later, no doubt. 😉

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