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Google Search

Filed under: Software — Erwin @ 10:17 pm

I’m pondering using Google Search for the search function in the sidebar, but when I tell it to only return results for is-here.com it also returns results for sub-domains, like dgd.is-here.com, it.is-here.com, nl.is-here.com, etc, which makes it largely useless.

It’s possible to exclude various sub-domains for a regular search, but for the site-search form where you indicate the domains to search in a hidden input field, I know of no such possibility. To clarify, I basically need the equivalent of:

    site:is-here.com -site:it.is-here.com -site:nl.is-here.com -site:dgd.is-here.com


Credit where credit is due

Filed under: Family,Humo(u)r — Erwin @ 9:31 pm

Last week I requested a copy of my credit report from Trans Union, via the Annual Credit Report website.

Nothing unusual in there, except for two items:

  • They figured my birthday must be in June. I suspect this is because I got my driver’s license in June (5 years ago, time flies) and they seem to assume that those things are handed out or renewed on your birthday.
  • My name is on several bank accounts and a few credit cards. Of all of those, Bank of America is the only one that looks at my credit report every month. I don’t think it’s related to the Identity Advisor account I recently canceled, because they used Equifax. So… WTF?

If anyone has a better answer for these two things, I’m definitely interested.

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