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What a week! (and then some) (final)

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Impressive, I must say.

Here’s the time-line, of sorts:

  • Saturday:
    • 1-2pm: Put MBP to sleep with a Firefox that refuses to start back up, figuring I’ll deal with it later. At the time I assumed I would simply need to restore the relevant profile directories from the most recent backup.
    • In the evening I try to resume it, without any luck. Various tests are performed, leading to the conclusion that something is definitely broken, the hard drive being the main suspect. Not being able to open it up without voiding the warranty, I can’t verify that theory.
  • Sunday:
    • After initially restoring my personal account onto M‘s MacBook, I decide to instead put it on the Mac Mini, and put my work account on the MacBook, to ease the load while I temporarily crash there. It also allows me to remain mobile because I have no idea how long this situation will last.
  • Monday:
    • 10-11am: Talk to Apple Support for just over an hour.
  • Tuesday:
    • 11:30am: Box for MBP is dropped off at our door.
    • 2:00pm: Request a pick-up via DHL’s website.
    • 2:25pm: DHL is in our driveway to pick up the box with MBP.
  • Wednesday:
    • 11am: Receive confirmation from DHL and Apple that the box has arrived.
    • 5pm: Receive an update from Apple that the MBP has been repaired and is on its way back to me!
  • Thursday:
    • 12pm: Receive box with MBP from DHL.
    • 4pm: Both work and personal account have been copied back onto the MBP!

This means that what I feared might be a multi-week affair has been sorted in under a week. Wow!

The repairs are described as follows:

  • PCBA,2.0GHZ,128VRAM(M1-RP) MBP 15″

The apparent translation:

  • They replaced the mainboard (a.k.a Printed Circuit Board Assembly) with new 2.0 GHz Core Duo chip and 128MB video RAM.
  • A replacement superdrive (CD/DVD burner/drive).
  • Including the cable to hook up the superdrive (ODD is Optical Disc Drive, flex ass(embl)y is the cable).

So apparently the hard drive wasn’t the problem. I have the same model in there still but as I didn’t write down the serial number of the original I will never know if it is also the exact same drive. Oh well.

The new mainboard/CPU combo is unknown to CoreDuoTemp, a little menubar gadget I used to track the CPU temperature and usage, so I guess I may have gotten the most recent edition of that, at least. I hope that that also means improved dealing with the CPU/HD heat.

Now, where was I… 😉

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