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What a week! (and then some) (part 2)

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I spent an hour on the phone with Apple Support this morning. Repeating some of the steps I’d already taken (running the Apple Hardware Test, running Disk Utility from the install DVD to Verify and Repair the hard disk data) and adding some others (attempting a safe boot, clearing the Parameter RAM a.k.a NVRAM contents), none of which resulted in anything useful other than confirming that the hard disk was no longer responding.

Because I’m not particularly eager to make a 2.5 hour drive back both ways to visit either the nearest Apple Store or the nearest certified service center (in Kansas City and Springfield respectively) they’ll send me a box in which to ship the laptop to them. Then the waiting and daily checking of the online repair status page begins!

In order for me to continue doing what I get paid for, I’ve restored my work account on M‘s MacBook, and my personal account on the family Mac Mini (first generation version) in the dining room. That way M can still use her laptop in the evenings and I still have a mobile work environment.

To Apple’s credit the transition of the two accounts to their respective new homes went reasonably smoothly, all the essential applications survived so I can browse, read/write email, read news, chat, listen to music, track finances, etc, as I did before. Two things that I noticed not working were a Core Duo specific application that probably would’ve worked with M‘s Core 2 Duo with an upgrade (but I couldn’t be bothered), and an application that, on the PowerPC side of things was detected as a Classic application, but was actually a compiled AppleScript program. Weird, but not important enough. 🙂

Time to veg in front of the (Myth)TV now, we’ve got a bit of backlog!

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