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What a week!

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  1. A week ago one of the computers at work went down and refused to come back up nicely, it then took far too long to get it restored. This delay was at least partially due to the fact that we changed the layout of the HDs, and partially due to the unfamiliarity of the co-lo tech with Debian, but still, a restore shouldn’t have been that troublesome?
  2. On Monday our backyard was filled a third of the way with rainwater. Then the water come up through the sump hole and flooded part of our basement. On Tuesday our backyard was filled halfway with rainwater, at least partially because the water from the previous day hadn’t had a chance to get the heck out of there yet! We’ve since then applied a shop vac to the soaked carpet repeatedly and a shiny new sump pump was initially pumping about 5 gallons of water every two minutes into the bathtub (for lack of a better spot, we’ll deal with getting it permanently installed later).
  3. This morning I drop M off and as I leave I have this nagging feeling that I had my regular glasses with me but I can’t find them anywhere in the car so I convince myself that I must be mistaken and I’ll find them at home. I start to drive home wearing my sunglasses which I was wearing already, and as I get up to 30-40 mph, I spot the container with my regular glasses be blown off the hood… GAH! I’m still surprised that I was able to recover both the frame (badly bent out of shape) and lenses (scratched up). The nice woman at the Wal-Mart Optical department (the nearest optician I could think of) straightened out the rather flattened frame and reminded me multiple times to be very careful with it from here on. I quite agreed with her disclaimer that she couldn’t be held responsible if the frame broke after her miracle repair of sorts.

Here’s hoping these things come in threes and this was the last mini-disaster of sorts to happen for a while. It’s leaving quite an impression on my poor visiting parents, even if they’re never going to admit that. 😉

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