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Jericho go bye-bye?

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In the it’s a small world category of events, I had ordered a few more bags of oriental mix and when they arrived, I found a free sample of gigundamundo yogurt raisins (that are a hit with everyone here, oh dear), which prompted me to go back to the website to at the details and price, and such.

That’s when I noticed the NUTS for Jericho section on their front page, with the subtitle NUTS! Save Jericho! Jericho fans unite!. Eh. What? Since when does Jericho need saving, I thought they were doing alright?!

Apparently Jericho was canceled about two weeks ago, and because I have other things to do than watch a CBS show about its fall line-up or so, I hadn’t heard or read about it yet. CBS’s excuse appears to be that the ratings dropped. Big shocking surprise:

The ratings were down 25% following the nearly three-month hiatus and subsequent return opposite American Idol.[7] During its one season run, it ranked 48th, with an average of 9.5 million viewers in the United States.

Yeah, I guess nearly 10 million viewers just isn’t enough, these days. Idiots.

Now the fans have taken to sending bags and bags of nuts to CBS executives in NY and LA, a reference to the last aired episode, where Jake Green (Skeet Ulrich) calls an offer of surrender “nuts”. Is it going to work? Who knows. But the NutsOnline folks initially just happened to be surprised by the unusual amount and target of bags and bags of nuts being ordered, then stepped in to help the fans pool their resources, saving a bunch on shipping that way.

In the history of television these actions don’t often work, but I’ll cross my fingers that somehow, somewhere, the fans of the series (myself included) can get something better than the collection of cliffhangers that the producers gave us, because they weren’t expecting this cancellation either!


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