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Isn’t it ironic…

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Jagged Little Pill…don’t you think?

A week ago I contacted DreamHost support to ask them about the unusually high number of reboots (crashes) that the shared host I’m on, Bundy, had seen recently. Around 20 in April alone. In return they offered to move me to a different home and I accepted that offer.

The move went smoothly, aside from the two Jabber accounts that refused to let me connect. I gave it a few days to see if things would sort themselves out (it happens sometimes) but no such luck. So I contacted them again and after some back and forth it was sorted this weekend, so I was completely moved across to my new home.

Then on Sunday I see this item on their status website:

The server bundy has been having some hardware issues as of late and we’re going to move it over to new hardware. The process should take about 30 minutes. We will post an update here when the process is complete.

It’s a pity my crystal ball was out of order, or I could’ve saved myself and some support folks some trouble. 🙂

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