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  • This doesn’t sound so good. Vonage admits it can’t avoid Verizon patents:

    Vonage has admitted that it has no technical work-around to avoid infringing Verizon’s patents on key VoIP techniques, putting the future of the company, and other VoIP providers in the US, in doubt.

    The article suggests that Skype might not be affected, but I can’t imagine that Skype, owned by eBay, does not run anything on servers located in the US? Time will tell.

  • US teen jailed for school’s daylight-saving cock-up:

    Fifteen-year-old Cody Webb, of Greensburg, “called a school district hot line to listen to a recorded message about school delays at 3:12am EDT on 11 March”, his mobile phone records later revealed. The next morning, school officials discovered said bomb threat logged at 3:17am.
    In fact, because the school had not reset the clock on the hot line, which continued to show Eastern Standard Time, officials and police failed to spot that the bomb threat had actually come in at 4:17am – more than an hour after Webb’s innocent call.

    Those who can’t (think logically), teach? Ahem.

  • Chimpanzees ‘more evolved’ than humans.:

    Zhang’s team found that 233 chimp genes, compared with only 154 human ones, have been changed by selection since chimps and humans split from their common ancestor about 6 million years ago.

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