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Eclectic, me?

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This is the joy of listening to music in our house:

How does that compare to your collection?


Thunderbird 2.0

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Some things I’ve run into with the latest version of this software:

  • Composing a new message was Shift-Cmd-M before, it’s Cmd-N now. In itself that makes sense, except that shift-Cmd-M is now move to folder <foo> again, for conveniently moving messages to another folder, which has already led to some stray messages that I needed to refile.
  • I like the Unread Folders option, but when I use N repeatedly to go through the unread messages, it does this in an (on first glance) odd order. What happens is that I have several folders to group several mail-folders (like automated messages of various sorts, mailing lists, personal email, etc). It follows that order, but it shows the Unread Folders in alphabetical order, alphabetical as far as the subfolder-names goes, anyway. Confused? Let’s say that in the folder with automated messages I have a mail folder called CRON, and in the folder with mailing lists I have a mail folder called Babbel (which I do, actually). If there are unread messages in those two, it’ll lists them in order “Babbel, CRON” but it’ll go through them in the opposite order because that’s how they are placed in the full view.
  • The Back and Forward buttons sound like useful additions, although I haven’t had much, if any, reason to use them yet. I’m sure I will.
  • Is the “Grouped by Sort” feature new? When sorting the messages by Date and then using that (the letter ‘G’ is a shortcut for it) you get the groups “Old mail”, “Two weeks ago”, “Last week”, “Yesterday”, and “Today”, assuming you have messages in those categories. Handy!
  • The Tags need more work before I can really call them useful. Sure, it’s handy to have the 0-9 shortcuts, but you can’t change the order of your tags (it lists the built-in ones first, then the others in alphabetical order) so you can’t easily force certain shortcuts to be used for certain frequently used tags. It’s also not clear to me where these tags are stored, but as I only read email from one computer, that’s not immediately an issue for me.

So far I’m happy with the new version, though.


Isn’t it ironic…

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Jagged Little Pill…don’t you think?

A week ago I contacted DreamHost support to ask them about the unusually high number of reboots (crashes) that the shared host I’m on, Bundy, had seen recently. Around 20 in April alone. In return they offered to move me to a different home and I accepted that offer.

The move went smoothly, aside from the two Jabber accounts that refused to let me connect. I gave it a few days to see if things would sort themselves out (it happens sometimes) but no such luck. So I contacted them again and after some back and forth it was sorted this weekend, so I was completely moved across to my new home.

Then on Sunday I see this item on their status website:

The server bundy has been having some hardware issues as of late and we’re going to move it over to new hardware. The process should take about 30 minutes. We will post an update here when the process is complete.

It’s a pity my crystal ball was out of order, or I could’ve saved myself and some support folks some trouble. πŸ™‚


Joost (4)

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Yesterday I received 3 invitations for Joost. One has already been given away, but the other two are up for grabs. Let me know if you want one. πŸ™‚


Linkage (…)

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  • This doesn’t sound so good. Vonage admits it can’t avoid Verizon patents:

    Vonage has admitted that it has no technical work-around to avoid infringing Verizon’s patents on key VoIP techniques, putting the future of the company, and other VoIP providers in the US, in doubt.

    The article suggests that Skype might not be affected, but I can’t imagine that Skype, owned by eBay, does not run anything on servers located in the US? Time will tell.

  • US teen jailed for school’s daylight-saving cock-up:

    Fifteen-year-old Cody Webb, of Greensburg, “called a school district hot line to listen to a recorded message about school delays at 3:12am EDT on 11 March”, his mobile phone records later revealed. The next morning, school officials discovered said bomb threat logged at 3:17am.
    In fact, because the school had not reset the clock on the hot line, which continued to show Eastern Standard Time, officials and police failed to spot that the bomb threat had actually come in at 4:17am – more than an hour after Webb’s innocent call.

    Those who can’t (think logically), teach? Ahem.

  • Chimpanzees ‘more evolved’ than humans.:

    Zhang’s team found that 233 chimp genes, compared with only 154 human ones, have been changed by selection since chimps and humans split from their common ancestor about 6 million years ago.


Linkage (…)

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A Man Without a Country


Linkage (…)

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Haven’t done one of these manually in a while.

  • Cool (relatively long) article in the Washington Post that can be interpreted in many ways. My take on it is that people are too busy, living to work instead of working to live. Sad, but true.
  • On CNN, a story about a woman selling nearly everything she owns on eBay.
  • Interesting software project sponsored by Google.
  • The 21 Biggest Technology Flops according to ComputerWorld.


Joost (3)

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Aww, bummer. I glossed over it when I downloaded the beta, apparently, but the OS X version only works for Intel based machines, so I can’t run it on the Media Mac Mini. πŸ™

Weird, but cute

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I don’t know Miranda July, or her book, but I think the website about it is very amusing! πŸ™‚


Joost (2)

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Allowing TCP/33333 outgoing made it run much better. Or at all, it would seem, because initially I wasn’t getting any content today. In the forums they don’t seem to have much more of an idea of what ports are really needed to make things run.

I’ve already crashed Adium a few times by switching Locations repeatedly. It would be nice if that didn’t have that kind of side-effects. Then again it would be nice if Joost wouldn’t refuse to even start when I have a proxy configured. πŸ™‚

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