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Kill A Watt results (1)

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Apple 85W Portable Power Adapter:
MBP fully charged, asleep 1-2W
MBP fully charged, 10-20% CPU load 25-35W
MBP charging (at 60%), asleep 30-35W
MBP fully charged, 80-100% CPU load 40-50W
MBP charging (at 0%), asleep 45W
MBP charging (at 14%), asleep 45W
MBP charging (at 60%), 10-20% CPU load 55-60W
MBP charging (at 10%), 10-20% CPU load 70-85W

Specs for the MBP:

  • 2GB RAM
  • 2GHz Core Duo

I was pleasantly surprised to see that most of the time the MBP uses less than a regular 40W bulb.

Cellphone charger:
Fully charged, while phone is off 1W
Fully charged, while phone is on 1W
Charging, while phone is off 2-3W
Charging, while phone is on 3-4W

Just for comparison (not very useful otherwise):

  • Charger is an iGo
  • Cellphone is a Motorola 120E, sturdy but quite due for a replacement!

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