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Geek purchase

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Kill A WattI ordered a Kill A Watt, inspired by Patrick Norton from DL.TV. Mostly I want to find out how much power big devices such as our televisions, fridge, computers, monitors, laptops, etc, are drawing, either in standby mode or when in actual use.

In particular I’m wondering if replacing our fridge, which is at least 10 years old, would pay itself back pretty soon, just by increased efficiency. The laptops, which have a 60W and 85W adapter respectively, are probably quite efficient, but I do wonder how much those things use when they’re just plugged in (without laptop) or when the laptop is connected and asleep but fully charged.

Which devices would you check, if any?

Pet peeves (3)

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People who confuse the following two words:

A fundamental truth; a comprehensive law or doctrine, from which others are derived, or on which others are founded; a general truth; an elementary proposition; a maxim; an axiom; a postulate.
A leader, chief, or head; one who takes the lead; one who acts independently, or who has controlling authority or influence; as, the principal of a faction, a school, a firm, etc.

It is especially galling to get a letter from the local school district that, with the signatures of 4 principals at the bottom, spells it incorrectly in the last paragraph. Come on, people!

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