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Kill A Watt results (1)

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Apple 85W Portable Power Adapter:
MBP fully charged, asleep 1-2W
MBP fully charged, 10-20% CPU load 25-35W
MBP charging (at 60%), asleep 30-35W
MBP fully charged, 80-100% CPU load 40-50W
MBP charging (at 0%), asleep 45W
MBP charging (at 14%), asleep 45W
MBP charging (at 60%), 10-20% CPU load 55-60W
MBP charging (at 10%), 10-20% CPU load 70-85W

Specs for the MBP:

  • 2GB RAM
  • 2GHz Core Duo

I was pleasantly surprised to see that most of the time the MBP uses less than a regular 40W bulb.

Cellphone charger:
Fully charged, while phone is off 1W
Fully charged, while phone is on 1W
Charging, while phone is off 2-3W
Charging, while phone is on 3-4W

Just for comparison (not very useful otherwise):

  • Charger is an iGo
  • Cellphone is a Motorola 120E, sturdy but quite due for a replacement!


Too true

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This is one of the reasons that we call anything involving a screen (monitor or television) screen time, and the boys are limited in how much they get per day. Of course the fact that you need to be precise in your directions is something you find out very very quickly, as a parent. 😉Grand Avenue - March 23, 2007


Linkage on 2007-03-22

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How Smart Are Your Playlists?
Some interesting suggestions.
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Kill A Watt (2)

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The 85W MacBook Pro adapter, when plugged in but not hooked up to an actual MBP, draws 0.01A and less than 1 Watt. I bet you were just dying to know that!

Yes, I just now (actually, two days ago, but I forgot to publish this entry at the time) received the Kill A Watt (KAW), and expect to have far too much fun with it in the days and weeks to come.

First thoughts:

  • It’s mildly irritating that it blocks the second outlet.
  • It would have been useful for the gadget to contain a backup battery or some other setup (capacitor?) that allows it to save the most recent read-out for a short while. The display isn’t always in a particularly convenient location for reading purposes.
  • When I plug in the MBP adapter, the value slowly increases from approximately 30 to 70 Watt. I don’t know if that’s because the MBP is still figuring out the status of the outlet and battery, or something in how the KAW works. I’ll find out soon enough I guess.


Finished reading: M*A*S*H

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Mash: A Novel About Three Army DoctorsIn between work and errands I’ve read M*A*S*H, the original novel by Richard Hooker. It’s interesting to find out how a figure like Frank Burns is only a single chapter event in the book, and getting background information about the doctors that I don’t remember getting from the series. Of course there are the inevitable inconsistencies with the series as well, and it makes me want to rent the movie that was based on the book and which in turn inspired the series.


Geek purchase

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Kill A WattI ordered a Kill A Watt, inspired by Patrick Norton from DL.TV. Mostly I want to find out how much power big devices such as our televisions, fridge, computers, monitors, laptops, etc, are drawing, either in standby mode or when in actual use.

In particular I’m wondering if replacing our fridge, which is at least 10 years old, would pay itself back pretty soon, just by increased efficiency. The laptops, which have a 60W and 85W adapter respectively, are probably quite efficient, but I do wonder how much those things use when they’re just plugged in (without laptop) or when the laptop is connected and asleep but fully charged.

Which devices would you check, if any?

Pet peeves (3)

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People who confuse the following two words:

A fundamental truth; a comprehensive law or doctrine, from which others are derived, or on which others are founded; a general truth; an elementary proposition; a maxim; an axiom; a postulate.
A leader, chief, or head; one who takes the lead; one who acts independently, or who has controlling authority or influence; as, the principal of a faction, a school, a firm, etc.

It is especially galling to get a letter from the local school district that, with the signatures of 4 principals at the bottom, spells it incorrectly in the last paragraph. Come on, people!


Finished reading

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Foundation (Foundation Novels)Prelude to Foundation (Foundation Novels)While I have trouble finding time to read things that aren’t on a computer screen of some sort, I’ve been slipstreaming on the kids’ regularly scheduled reading record reading, which involves them reading 100 minutes a week, roughly 5 chunks of 20 minutes.

Recently I’ve read these two books from Isaac Asimov‘s Foundation series:

Actually I’ve read them before, but it’s been so long now that it almost is like reading them for the first time and with the added years I’m probably noticing things I missed 20 years ago! Now on to the rest of the series… and with a bit of luck I’ll finish it before 2008. 😉


Yesterday’s entertainment

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Little Miss SunshineRetrospectacle: The Supertramp AnthologyThe Best of Talking HeadsViolent Femmes
Bought 3 CDs (Violent Femmes, Talking Heads, and Supertramp) and watched a DVD (Little Miss Sunshine).

The movie was completely unplanned and a pleasant surprise, showing Steve Carell in (I think) an atypical role. Importing the CDs into iTunes caused some frustration because the CD drive in the MacBook Pro consistently spit out the Talking Heads CD, but thankfully the drive in the Mac Minis are more tolerant (if that’s what is going on here). I noticed that of the 3 CDs only the Violent Femmes one has the “Compact Disc Digital Audio” logo on it, but don’t know if I can draw any conclusions from that.

How was your day?

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