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Hibernating Mini

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Last week I followed the instructions by Andrew Escobar on enabling hibernating on the Mini so that, in the evening, when it’s gone to sleep and just sits there until the next afternoon when the kids come home from school, I can safely turn the power strip off entirely and if there is a power glitch while it’s asleep, nothing will be lost either.

Works like a charm!

Media Mini

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The $19 gadget works as expected. Note to self: Do not stray from the two known-to-work resolutions (640×480 and 800×600) or you’ll have a wonderful time getting back to one of those, while the screen rolls in ways that make your head ache and spin!

I’ve got the original Mac Mini (the first one I bought, just over two years ago) hooked up and it quite happily runs iTunes (for video-casts) and MythTV’s front end software. The latter was a minor surprise for me, because I haven’t actually hooked it up to ethernet yet, so it’s doing the streaming over wireless! Obviously it’s a bit faster than the 700-800MHz Celeron machines we’re using as front ends and it’s quite tempting to replace one of them with the Mini. There are still some details to be worked out because, for one, the remote controls we have aren’t supported under OS X, and for another, MythTV loses keyboard focus from time to time which gets really old really fast.

The Mini has been told to wake up from sleep at 4pm and to go back to sleep at 6pm, giving iTunes a sufficiently large window to fetch whatever new episodes may be available (it’s been told to check hourly), so that they are there later on in the evening.

A problem is that the printer/scanner, downstairs, is no longer hooked up to any computer. I don’t really want to move it into the dining room and create more clutter there and I don’t really want to keep it inoperable for too long, so I’m checking my options:

  • Move upstairs, hook up to the (kids’) dining room computer.
  • Pick up another Airport Express from Apple and hook it up wirelessly.
  • Put Mac Mini into the living room and somehow let it take the place of the Airport Express, which can then be used for the printer?

I realize it’s a bit of a luxury problem but I’m open to suggestions. 🙂

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