East of the Sun, West of the Moon



Filed under: Software,Technology — Erwin @ 4:43 pm

Fon, which turned 1 year old yesterday, has a map on which their users can indicate their location. I was surprised to see how many there are in this area.

It seems like an interesting deal although I’m sure many an ISP will grumble at the thought of users sharing their bandwidth with others. Fon’s plus is that such sharing will not as likely be abused because of the accountability factor (only registered Fon users can share your bandwidth), plus you can limit the bandwidth allocated to the public wireless network.

Aside from the cost of the Fonera (their wireless access point) I see no other cost in running it, so there’s not much lost if nobody ever uses it, and a growing chance I might be able to get free wifi elsewhere. Good deal, right?

Does anyone here have experience with Fon, as a user or otherwise?

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