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Line Rider

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Apparently I’ve missed out on some great big internet fun involving a flash application called the Line Rider where you create a line-drawing and let a figure in a wheelchairsled ride slide on those lines. It can be very simple, or you can go completely overboard, like this

And there are quite a few more of those when you search with linerider as keyword.

Have fun sinking too much time into that. 😉

Update: This version is much more fun, and much more addictive. Uh oh…


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I’ve been fairly busy in the past month, as has shown itself in the lack of substantial posts here, mostly just coasting along.

On the family side of things there was the wrapping up of M‘s home improvement project (the living and dining room, which caused quite a few things to overflow into the hall, the kitchen, the front porch, etc).

On the work side I had a massive project on my hands to work out a solution for migrating away from the fairly customized version of DGD that we use. This resulted in an upgrade process that touches over 60 files with code, at least 3 restarts of the game/server and about a dozen fairly distinct steps involving compiling and recompiling code and patching data in objects all over the place. I’ve done that for 4 of the servers now, still half a dozen to go.

I typically laugh at new year’s resolutions, but for 2007 I have two that I really want to work on:

  • Keep track of (all) our finances again.
  • Work hard(er) on keeping our house clutter free.

I used to keep track (on and off) of finances using GnuCash but then I switched to OS X and to run that there I have to install X11 support and either run it locally (which looks like a royal pain) or run it remotely from one of the headless Linux machines, which is less than ideal as well. So instead I’m looking into native OS X applications.

The one I’m trying out right now is Moneydance, software that has versions for Windows, OS X, OS/2, and various unix platforms. It helps that all these platforms support Java. 😉 I like the setup, but haven’t figured out yet how to get online banking to work for the credit card and bank accounts of ours that are supposed to be supported. Not a show-stopper as just about all of them support downloading statements in OFX or QIF form, which can in turn be imported.

The war against clutter has been going on for longer and we were making some decent headway, but the home improvement projects and a few other external factors caused some setbacks. Last week we worked really hard at getting the main rooms (living, dining, kitchen, hall, bath) in shape and now everybody is on the same page again to keep it that way.

Wish us luck!

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