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Linkage on 2006-12-05

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‘Bad fats’ ban in NYC restaurants
Cool. With a target audience of between 8 to 18 million or so (city versus metropolitan area, and not counting tourists), I imagine we’ll be seeing some effects outside of NYC in the longer run, as well.
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Teen shot dead by police over stolen PS3
Hello, it’s just a game console, people! Damn hyped up piece of hardware.
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  1. It wasn’t about the console. It was about armed robbery and weapons.


    This page doesn’t tell the WHOLE story, either.
    I live in that town, remember.

    First of all, he wouldn’t answer the door for the authorities. His dog attacked them, and was shot and killed. He then held up the game controller and pointed it at the officers and they opened fire.

    I’m not defending the officers’ actions, but this guy has a history of violence and weapon-use.

    Just my .02.

    Comment by Lauren — 2006/12/6 @ 1:59 pm

  2. Yeah, I know you live there, and I appreciate the $0.02. 🙂

    To clarify, my comment was at least partially aimed at the (now dead) kid that robbed a 17 year old student to get the PS3. It’s insane, and if the console hadn’t been hyped so much and wouldn’t be in such short supply, I can’t help but think that none of this would have happened.

    Comment by Erwin — 2006/12/6 @ 2:29 pm

  3. You couldn’t be more correct. Roger and I were having this very same conversation the night before last about the way the console was hyped and then short-stocked on purpose. I was yelling and screaming about the whole thing. People have died over that stupid game, been trampled to death, robbed, shot, stabbed. It’s insane. I think Sony and their advertising agents should be held directly responsible for the deaths of the people who were caught in the crossfire of the hysteria. There’s no need to create so much hype that people are injured and die over a stupid game console. A lawsuit is long overdue. They need to be held accountable for creating this violence.

    Comment by Lauren — 2006/12/6 @ 2:36 pm

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