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Purchase of the month

Filed under: OS X,Technology — Erwin @ 8:04 pm

Last week I ordered (and quickly received) an Airport Express. A nifty piece of hardware that can be used in a few different ways. The way I use it is to sit in the wireless network at home and have a set of speakers hooked up to it. Then iTunes can be configured to send its music output to this gadget.

There is a fraction of a second delay while it connects after you start the music, but that is negligible, certainly. A handy side-effect of this setup is that the regular audio that OS X generates go to the built-in speakers again now (or headphones if I were to plug those in), instead of the remote speakers. And the best part of it all, which is why I bought it in the first place, is that I can sit wherever the hell I like, and not be limited to how long the audio cable is and (in practice) sit too close to the speakers. 😉

The amusing part now is that it’s easier to forget that we’re listening to some randomly played track from our own collection, or a podnetcast, it just feels like radio, but without obnoxious DJ’s and commercials. Yay!

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