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Hardware Swapfest

Filed under: Technology — Erwin @ 8:16 pm

Something in the CPU/RAM/MB combination of my internal file/smtp/imap/shell/etc server failed, so I ended up having to move those onto a different motherboard. Actually, because the setup needs 3 PCI slots, I moved the harddisks from the firewall/router/proxy onto the smaller MB and moved the PCI cards plus 6 harddisks from the internal server onto its motherboard. So where I originally had case A, B, and C, the harddisks from B are now in A and the harddisks from C are now in B.

Then the next thing comes along. M‘s Mac Mini had been misbehaving for a while and it finally clicked what was going on: The harddisk (1.5 years old, so no longer under the original minimal Apple warranty) is failing! A few hours of copying her /Users data over to my (currently unused) Mac Mini later and all seems to be well again, as far as they can be. No longer the inexplicable sluggish behaviour of all applications, yay!

So on the shopping list for the near future are:

  • A possible replacement harddisk for the Mac Mini. Assuming that that’s cheaper than buying a new Mini, anyway. Any suggestions where I can find any that are guaranteed to be suitable?
  • A new motherboard, CPU(s) and RAM, after I figure out what parts can still be used in case C, above. Certainly the downgrade from a dual P3 1.4Ghz setup to a dual P3 550MHz setup is a little bit painful, since this is the MythTV back-end machine and it does the transcoding work. The initial mpeg2 encoding is done by the capture cards, so recording isn’t a problem, thankfully.

For the distant future (next year somewhere) I have:

  • A few 400-500GB SATA harddisks.
  • A couple ATA-SATA adapters.

With that, I can put everything on a few harddisks in RAID-1 or RAID-5 configuration and also continue to use the (not exactly small) 200 and 250GB disks.

What’s on your hardware shopping/christmas/wish-list?

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