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Back in the saddle

Filed under: General — Erwin @ 3:46 pm

Go BoardAfter a 11-12 month hiatus I’m back at DGS and dusting off my Go skills. I blame this on Pär!

In some ways it’s like riding a bicycle, you immediately pick it back up and find your balance, but in other ways… you forget what certain signs mean and find out the hard way that you should’ve paid closer attention to them.

Hey Annie, are you up for a game as well, perhaps? Or Kalle? I have no idea who else among the readers here plays the game, but anyone that does is certainly invited to create a (free) account at DGS and challenge me to a game. My userid is jochie and my rank is 16 kyu right now, although I’m sure that’ll change a bit in the days/weeks to come. 🙂

Update: Add Lydia to that list, how silly of me to forget. 🙂

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