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Do The Math

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Oriental SnackI finally found, at Big Lots, the Japanese snacks that I had been looking for recently (because I haven’t had them since I last visited the Netherlands and I missed them).

Unfortunately what they sell are 3 ounce bags (in a box that could fit half a pound, easily) for $1.00 plus tax while the online store that I’ve been considering sells 1 pound bags for $2.99 plus tax and shipping. If you ignore the shipping that’s a great deal, $0.19 per ounce instead of $0.33 per ounce. The catch, of course, is that shipping means UPS, FedEx or DHL, where even the cheapest option for a 1 pound bag is around $10.00, destroying your initial advantage!

Now let’s try a few calculations. Suppose I’d want 5 pounds of these snacks (and yes, I am confident they’ll be eaten, M and I both love it).

  • Getting that in 3 ounce containers locally means buying 27 boxes. Ridiculous overpackaging aside, that’s $27.00 plus tax, so around $28.85.
  • Getting that in 5 bags of 1 pound each, online, will cost me $14.95, plus shipping cost of $10.33, makes a total of $25.20.

That’s heading in the right direction…

This gets even better when going up to 10 pounds: $57.80 versus $40.55. Even if the last bag goes a little stale towards the end that will be worth effort. To minimize that we’ll repackage one bag at a time, keeping the remaining 1 pound bags in better shape.

The downside to this approach is the need to store the bags somewhere convenient, but we can work that out. 🙂

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