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See How Observant You Are

Filed under: Meme — Erwin @ 8:04 pm

I blame this one on Annie, because I can. 🙂

Your Observation Skills Get A B

Your senses are pretty sharp (okay, most of the time)
And it takes something big to distract you!
How Observant Are You?

Pity it doesn’t tell me which ones I got wrong, though.


  1. What else do you blame me for when I’m not looking?

    And yeah, I wish they listed the right answers.

    Comment by Annie — 2006/10/2 @ 8:08 pm

  2. Hey, that was fast, bored at work or something? 😉

    Comment by Erwin — 2006/10/2 @ 8:14 pm

  3. Killing these last few minutes before I can go home. Yep 😀

    Comment by Annie — 2006/10/2 @ 8:20 pm

  4. I would have thought that you would have earned an A. You’re always like “the second column from the right has a missing semi-colon.”

    Slippin, eh? 😉

    Comment by Erika — 2006/10/6 @ 7:43 pm

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