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iTunes 7.0

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Noticed changes:

  • When starting for the first time (after the EULA stuff) it asks for permission to check for album art where it’s missing. It also mentions:

    Information about songs with missing artwork will be sent to Apple. Apple does not keep any information related to the contents of your music library.

    The fact that they ask for permission and the wording above makes me think that they’ve learned from the Ministore fiasco.

  • The GUI changed again, with different buttons, different colours and a different layout of the playlist section of the GUI.
  • Tracks now have 3 different views:
    1. The regular view
    2. Group the tracks by album, with artwork
    3. View the tracks using the Cover Browser
  • The new GUI wastes vertical space needlessly:
    • The library in the playlist section is now separated into Music, Movies, Podcasts, etc. You can disable the ones you don’t have, but in my case that means it still takes up 4 rows instead of 1, and I can’t fold it.
    • The same thing applies to the music store, which has the header and 3 sub-sections. Even if you use the parental controls to disable the store, you may still have it take up two rows if you’ve bought tracks (regardless of whether they were freebies), because the Purchased playlist remains.

    If there is a way to fold the groups, to avoid clutter, please let me know.

  • A positive change is that the Podcasts row now includes a counter for (as far as I can tell) the number of podcasts you haven’t listened to yet.
  • The new version claims to support gapless playback, and of course that means it needs to analyze my entire library. That results in a fantastic wifi speed-test, since I’ve got mine NFS-mounted over a wireless connection. Ouch.
  • The Podcast section now sports a Refresh button. Took ’em long enough to realize that that would be easier than telling each individual podcast to update.
  • When you download a podcast to which you’re subscribed via the iTunes Music Store, it shows up under the Store Downloads. As all my other podcasts are uptodate I don’t know yet if it also does that for non-iTMS podcasts.
  • For Smart Lists there are two new attributes to play with:
    1. Last Skipped
    2. Skip Count

    These may also be new, but I haven’t bothered to compare with a 6.x iTunes version yet:

    • Album Artist
    • Date Modified
    • Grouping
    • Season
    • Show
    • Video Kind

    I’m (still) missing a way to access the Checked attribute in general, the Played attribute for podcasts, and now the Part of Gapless Album attribute. This means that aside from browsing through my entire collection, I have no way of finding out which tracks/albums iTunes has marked as gapless, now?

  • One of the podcasts I (used to) listen to, the MacCast, it comes in an enhanced version which is apparently a Protected AAC audio file. For some reason this means that I can’t change some of the options, including Remember playback position and Skip when shuffling, where the latter annoys me the most as I have a few Smart Lists specifically set up for podcasts so I can mix them in with the rest of my music collection.
  • Speaking of… I STILL can’t change the default Skip when shuffling setting for podcasts, which is on for whatever reason. Why, oh why?

If you see other things that changed, or spot errors in my overview, please let me know. 🙂

Hewlett-Packard, first victim

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Update: Crap. I hate it when WP eats my posts/edits. Now where’s the URL of the last enry I put here and what did I write again? Bah. I’ll see if I can remember it tomorrow morning, instead.

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