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Hewlett-Packard, continued

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It’s only getting better:

  • HP phone log black op tapped nine reporters (The Register):

    So far, two reporters from CNET and one from the Wall Street Journal have disclosed that their phone records were obtained by the company HP hired for its investigation into boardroom leaks.

  • HP Dragnet Grabbed 9 Reporters (Wired News):

    Seven other reporters were also caught up in the investigation, according to the source, including a Business Week reporter.

  • Hewlett-Packard Spied on Writers in Leaks (NY Times, need account):

    The targets included nine journalists who have covered Hewlett-Packard, including one from The New York Times, the company said.

Nice diverse group you’ve got there, HP.

An update (via GrokLaw) on MarketWatch:

H-P spokesman Ryan Donovan confirmed that Dunn would resign her board seat if she was asked. Donovan also confirmed that the company’s board is to hold a special meeting by phone this weekend to discuss the matter.

Resignation is the least of her worries as far as I’m concerned. IANAL, obviously, but just as with others writing on this topic that doesn’t prevent me from speculating, and I think Dunn knew exactly what she was asking the agency or person hired to do and should be held accountable for it under the relevant laws.

What do you think?

Linkage on 2006-09-07

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‘Pyramids’ discovered in Ukraine
Do you think they’ll also find a stargate down there? 😉
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