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Tiny URLs

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As an aside:

When using Firefox, or any other browser which supports such a thing, you can add a quick-search bookmark with the following properties for easy use:

Name it.is-here.com
Location http://it.is-here.com/cgi-bin/magic.cgi?action=add&url=%s
Keyword url
Description Type “url <some url>” to be presente\d with a short-cut url.

So when you’re on a page with an annoyingly long URL you can then simply go to the location input, insert url before the actual URL and hit enter, which automatically sends you through the process of generating a short-cut. Can’t make it much easier than that, I think.

Enjoy. 🙂

Update: Alternative (and more generally useful) approach, pointed out by Kalle:

Go to it.is-here.com
Right click in the “Add a url” input field, to get the context menu.
Select “Add keyword to this search” from that menu.
Type something in for the name field and “url” in the keyword field and hit enter.

I learned something new today, yay!

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