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NetNewsWire 2.1.1

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What the hell?

I’d been using a beta version (2.1.1b2) for a while and wondered if there had been any news on that front. I double-checked that there were no entries I’d overlooked in the RSS feed of the NetNewsWire Beta forum on NewsGator’s website.

Curiously, I decide to check the actual webpages for a change and notice that unlike what the RSS feed indicates, there are at least one or two posts after August 6. In fact, there’s a newer beta (2.1.1b4), which I immediately download and run. Backups, what backups? I trust Brent. 😉

Then for reasons I don’t recall I decide to browse to the top level of the forum and notice that the forum is marked read-only because 2.1.1 has been released, with a referral to an announcement in a different NewsGator forum. Strange that there was no posting saying so in the forum itself, and no post on Ranchero or Inessential.com, where I’d have expected a mention on at least one of them. What’s more, most of the pages on Ranchero still refer to NetNewsWire 2.1!

The release has been over a week ago, but MacUpdate and VersionTracker both list 2.1.1b1 as the most recent release of sorts.

What gives, who is dropping the ball here?

Update: See comments; It was Brent being so busy with 3.0 that he forgot to properly announce the new version.

Linkage on 2006-08-31

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Flushes and blushes over Bush speech
Read it and try not to laugh, I dare you! I’m not sure it’s actually possible. 🙂
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