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Linkage on 2006-08-04

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Circuit City invites wrath of the MPAA by copying DVDs
Quick, go try it and convince them that it is a good idea before the lawyers (their own or others) shut this down!
(tags: dmca fair-use hardware software)

rEFIt – An EFI Boot Menu and Toolkit
I don’t plan to have umpteen bootable partitions on my laptop, but for someone who does, this would be very useful.
(tags: osx software)

Tunnelblick – GUI for OpenVPN on the Mac
I still intend to use OpenVPN on top of wifi, but it has always been snowed under by more important/interesting projects. This at least confirms that it should be doable.
(tags: osx security software wifi)

Popular curry spice is a brain booster
Spicy food is good for you, m’kay?
(tags: food health)

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