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Greetings from Denver!

Filed under: General — Erwin @ 1:58 am

We arrived safely after a *checks time* 12 hour trip (stops included), which I think means we averaged 55 mph. Not bad? Missed out on the whole mountains in the horizon that just don’t seem to get any closer effect because it was cloudy (rain and thunder). Drat, but maybe next time. The AAA TripTik print-out worked out beautifully with correct directions all the way into the hotel parking lot, and now I’m using their (Holiday Inn Express, that is) free (as far as I can tell) wireless to browse around a little and check weather forecasts and such. Joy.

I expect to be busy in the next few days while I’m spending time with in-law family members I have never before encountered, then driving back home on Sunday.

Have a good week-end and weekend, everybody. 🙂

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