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MacBook ProTo replace the definitely-not-functional-now laptop I gave in and bought a MacBook Pro, with the idea in mind that it would also replace the Mac Mini which would then, in the near future, be rotated to a general purpose (a.k.a kid) computer.

For starters, Apple continues to make a good habit of under-promising and over-delivering with respect to shipping and delivery times. I noticed that with the Minis and it happened again now, with the shipment showing up 4 days earlier than it was originally indicated. It’s a little thing, but it adds to the positive experience.

What also continues to impress is the design of the hardware, which simply shines. Slick.

The wifi hardware appears to be better prepared to squeeze a few more kilobytes out of the static than any other cards we currently have (ignoring the Minis, which have always been in the same room as the access point) so I hope to be able to work from the porch and patio occasionally. Well, when it isn’t 105 Fahrenheit outside anyway (in the shade, no less)!

Apparently sleep mode really means hibernation, which is good for battery life of course.

The most fun will be to migrate the various applications. Ran into some trouble with Thunderbird this morning, which means I may have to recreate the IMAP accounts and then copy the various things back in, like filter-rules. Hopefully other applications will be easier.

Linkage on 2006-07-20

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Solio – Portable Hybrid Solar Charger
Something to keep in mind. Given how much sun we get in these parts, it’s quite silly to waste it.
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