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Linkage on 2006-07-18

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Captcha Mashup
An amusing alternative approach, similar to the select the pictures with cats/dogs/etc to prove you’re not a robot concept.
(tags: software)

Dutch court lets paedophile party contest country’s general election
Allow them and let the votes do the talking, basically. It makes sense, although as the past has shown the so-called protest-votes can skew the results and cause them to actually get one or more seats in the parliament.
(tags: netherlands news politics)

Mark’s Sysinternals Blog: On My Way To Microsoft
Resistance is futile, you will be assimilated?
(tags: microsoft news software)

Microsoft buddies up with open source rival
The long term implication could be that others (Apple, for instance) will work harder to also support Xen, as dom0 or other.
(tags: linux microsoft osx software)

Brits Float Solar Boat
It may seem like a small step, but the good part is the research and development that’s gone into this and that may now be applied to other more common vehicles and equipment in general.
(tags: news technology)

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